Sound Editing

Dialogue, FX editing, noise reduction and restoration

For sound editing, it is important that the monitoring is perfect and that you can work in a quiet, pleasant space. The presence of daylight is made available by three large skylights, which makes the studio a relaxing place to work. For noise reduction and restoration monitors, the most modern technology is used and the editor can listen via PSI 17M, which is backed by a PSI 225/1 subwoofer. For cinema productions, sounds can be edited through S30 Genelec monitors, the 1094A subwoofer and PSI 17m surround speakers.

Located in front of the studios is a space ideal for holding meetings, doing preparatory work or to eat peacefully. Plenty of natural lighting is provided by the large windows. There is an additional monitor acting as a Pro Tools workstation with two PSI and an AVID command 8. A dining table and a pantry are also present for making lunches.

The bench at the front door is our favourite place. Thanks to its sheltered location, during early spring to late autumn it is a wonderful place to soak up the sun with a cup of coffee or tea.