Investigation (2006)

Investigation is a film based on a true murder case. Director Iglika Triffonova, known from the Bulgarian Oscar entry A Letter to America, put the story of detective Alexandra and murderer Plamen into pictures. The focal point is the confrontation between these two characters.

Bart: “The film takes place in a Bulgarian police office, where the murder cases are investigated and the suspects are detained, and at various locations in Bulgaria. I travelled to Sofia for a week’s recording to get accurate sound. Some things you just have to record for yourself. It’s the only way to get sound that really tells the story.

Take, for example, the sounds in an Eastern Bloc concrete flat. More than one hundred families packed on top of one another between concrete. You really hear everything: children, doors, washing machines, lifts, fighting, phones ringing, you name it. While I was waiting to hear from producer Petra Goedings as to whether I could go, I attempted to create a similar atmosphere myself by stacking sound on top of sound. A few weeks later, when I was able to go to Bulgaria after all and finally stood in a flat with a Neumann RSM 190, my jaw dropped in amazement: sound designing there was certainly no disappointment.

Another example is the sound of the prison. Here too you can try to imagine how it sounds, but when you actually walk in (on the third attempt), you hear how chilly, cold and miserable a prison like that really is. That’s no luxury Dutch prison with your own space, own TV and toilet… That’s a place you really don’t want to be. With those six foot plus muscular guards with enormous boots. Hard to imitate. But Max Frick had to manage, because many of the scenes were recorded in a studio with a wooden floor. These scenes now sound like the real prison. And that’s what I wanted.”

The Dutch producer was Phanta Vision. Bart has worked with Phanta Vision from the very beginning, particularly on Tjebbo Penning’s films, such as The Bitch is Back, The Oath, Morlang and the recently completed Great Kills Road. Han Otten (Soundpalette) wrote the music.

On 10th January 2007 the film Investigation (original title, Razsledvane) premiered in the Netherlands.

Director: Iglika Trifona

Music: Han Otten

Sound design & mixing: Bart Jilesen

Foley: Max Frick

Sound interns: Aline Bruiyns and Uffa Eysteinsdottir

IMDB: Razsledvane