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After acquiring a new Zylia ZM-1 ambisonic microphone, we set about making use of it in the studio’s first production of an ‘8D Audio’ podcast series titled, “Geheim Water”.

This project makes use of traditional recordings, individual character foley recorded in 360, ambiences recorded in 360, and stereo and voice recordings using different types of microphones, including a modern ribbon mic to create an old or characteristically ’vintage’ sound.

We visited Fort Rijnhauwen and Polder Blokhoven in Utrecht to capture ambiences which could add an authenticity to the overall sound.

Have a listen to the podcast series where we used 360 recordings,  combined with immersive techniques to let you take part in the story of journalist Mara van Dijk as she discovers the history of the Nieuwe Nederlandse Waterlinie.

Geheim Water” is an 8D podcast about the importance of water in the past, present and future of the Netherlands. Close your eyes and step into another world!

“8D Audio is stronger than a feature film. You experience this in front of, beside, behind, below and above you. It is as if you are on board when the boatman shouts commands. In a hall, you hear the voices reflecting on the walls and immediately have an idea of how big the space is. Standing in a field, the world seems infinite.” – Henke Lever, Initiator – StoryTrail.


360 Audio productions:

• De Stelling van Amsterdam [nl]
producer: Storytrail

Geheim Water [nl]
producer: Storytrail


Geheim Water




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