Bad Luck City, 2012


Bad Luck City (2012)

Bad Luck City follows a man on his solitary and superstitious city stroll. Shot on black and white Super8, the film is like a dark song about an urban cowboy.

Moonlight, so nice. Sunrise, so nice. Bad luck city, I cried cried cried. Bad luck city, cried all night.

source: Authentic Boys

With a melancholic glance at the ground, a man scurries through a park. He collects some coins from a fountain and uses them to go bowling. Then he opens his heart to the audience through a poetic monologue. An unusually cheerful and musical story about the melancholy of an urban cowboy.

source: IFFR

Directed by

Aaike Stuart


Cast (in credits order)

Gregory Stauffer


Cinematography by

Boris Van Hoof


Film Editing by

Aaike Stuart


Sound Department

Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer / sound designer


Music Department

Bart Jilesen music mixing engineer



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3581 XW Utrecht


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