Flight of Life, 2013
From elbestevens.nl:

‘Flight of life’ is a visual journey. In this short movie, we witness a young couple just before a fatal car crash. The movie is a cross cut between the accident and their last hours together.


Flight of Life

Written and directed by

Elbe Stevens


Produced by 

David-Jan Bijker producer
Yvette Bosch executive producer
Guido Franken executive producer
Elbe Stevens producer


Music by

Gé Reinders
Joep Reinders


Sound Department 

Eline Vera de Reus
sound design / re-recording mixer
Erik van der Ven sound design / re-recording mixer
Bart Jilesen mixing consultent / mastering

Flight of Life


Studio Bart Jilesen
Hugo de Grootstraat 44
3581 XW Utrecht


studio: +31 (0) 30 274 69 28
cell: +31 (0) 6 143 681 36