Meisjes [nl], 2015


“This was a very, very interesting experience for me. I knew nothing of sound, sound-recording and post-production with sound. In this time, I was studying at an art school and through the school I got a collaboration with a sound-designer, Bart Jilesen. He taught me many things about the importance of sound. And I am very grateful for that experience.” – Guusje America


This was Guusje America’s graduation film from fine art at Utrecht University of the Arts.

Meisjes, documentary Guusje America

Directed and Produced by

Guusje America

Sound Department

Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer / sound designer



PUG Award 2017; Provinciaal Utrechts Genootschap van Kunst en Wetenschappen

PUG Award 2017

The PUG Prize 2017 for Guusje America

On 7 November, the PUG Prize 2017 was awarded to artist Guusje America for her video work.The jury consisted of Gerben Schermer (artistic director HAFF), Jacob ter Veldhuis (composer), Lydia van Oosten (art professional) and Elaine Vis (chairperson of the jury, board member PUG). They were unanimously convinced of the quality of the work.The filmic portraits of Guusje America tell stories about her friends, family or about herself. They are universal stories that touch you to the core. Whether it concerns her niece’s pregnancy, the experience of walking around veiled or the joint visit to Carnival with a befriended Syrian asylum seeker.


Her work is layered, it is deep. A depth that is special for someone of this age. You almost never see that in someone who is only 23 years old.
Guusje has a promise. If she is already making work like this that is born of genuine interest and curiosity, what will she be making in ten years’ time’, the members of the jury wonder.
Guusje does not appear to be one of those artists who will eventually make documentaries, but her cinematic work will have its place within the visual arts.

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