Milou Mignon – A Wanderer’s Tale, 2023



In an attempt to escape the loudness of the city and find new ways of connecting, Milou invites you to slow down radically and: walk. Especially in the midst of modern metropoles where people live shoulder to shoulder and yet often remain complete strangers.




Visit Milou’s Bandcamp page to listen to the audio journey, or find the album on Spotify.




“The idea of A Wanderer’s Tale was born, when Milou started her own urban pilgrimage. This meant a 3 month feet-only policy in which she refused to transfer herself by bike, car or public transport in any occasion. New friends and stray cats were walking along for short and long distances. Milou let herself be guided by surprising encounters and so-called ‘street altars’ she came across. Walking turned out to be a scientific proven superpower. It brings you from a lineair way of relating to time and space into a wondering mindset that enhances creativity and feel good hormones. One of its other special features is that when you walk, the same part of the brain as when you empathise with others is being activated. So walking opens us up to people and their ways of looking.

Inspired by the many dialogues and magical moments that Milou collected, musical audiobook A Wanderer’s Tale was created. It is a weaving of eclectic popsongs, spoken word, improvised music and sounddesign.”








A Wanderer’s Tale by Milou Mignon

Text, concept, compositions, voice, performance

Milou Mignon

Production house

Hollandse Luchten, Tamara Roos


Leen Koole

Musical arrangement

Thomas Jillings

Mix & Master

Bart Jilesen & Rebecca Baatjes


Sound design: Milou Mignon
Voice & strings: Studio Bart Jilesen

Voice over

Frank, Django, Emad, Stephania, Mike, Sarah, Christopher, Rebecca


Thomas Jillings (synths: City Lights, sax: Have you heard the birds)

Vi Arp (double bass: Man on a cloud)

Ana García- Saguar (violin: Man on a Cloud)

Pau Sola Masafrets (cello: Man on a cloud)

Marco Hoogland (piano: Man on a cloud & City Lights)

Azubike Onwuka (bass guitar: Have you heard the birds, Pigeon, Slumberland)

Hector Gonzalez Saez (flute: Have you heard the birds, Pigeon)

Dariya Sukhareva (backing vocals: Have you heard the birds)

Jarno van Es (piano & backing vocals: Have you heard the birds, Pigeon, Slumberland)

Robbi Meertens (guitar & backing vocals: Have you heard the birds, Pigeon, Slumberland)

Niels de Jonge (drums: Have you heard the birds, Pigeon, Slumberland)

Sponsored by

This project is created with the support of: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Gemeente Alkmaar, KBC Fonds, K.F. Heinfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, SENA Muziekproductiefonds




Studio Bart Jilesen
Hugo de Grootstraat 44
3581 XW Utrecht


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cell: +31 (0) 6 143 681 36