On Top of the World, 2015


On Top of the World is a short film about exploring the ultimate euphoric emotion. Goosebumps, or even absolute tears of joy. Where do these feelings come from? Can we pro-actively search and even find them?

source: Vimeo

Directed by

Jurian Gravett


Cinematography by

Serhan Meewisse


Sound Department

Elephant Ears sound design / mix
Bart Jilesen mixing consultant, mastering


On Top of the World is a short film by two young filmmakers,  Serhan Meewisse and Jurian Gravett, about exploring the ultimate euphoric emotion.  Eleven individuals were invited to join on an adventure through five different countries – with entirely different landscapes and cultures. They were challenged to search for these extraordinary moments and their discoveries have been documented. “Life should be loved, to the point of tears“.

They crossed Europe, Turkey and Greece – without a budget but dedicated to go all the way. This film tells their unscripted story carried by an original soundtrack performed by a live orchestra.

From a young age I’ve been thrilled about technology, design, science, art, culture & music. Creating new stories and ideas sets me on fire. Visual storytelling is my passion through which I hope to create engaging cinematic content that arouses your senses and conveys a feeling of awe. Over the last couple of years my work reached millions of people worldwide motivating me to continue my journey as a cinematographer, drone-pilot, colorist and 4K post-producer”, says Serhan Meewisse.

source: designfather

Sports meets travel meets landscapes meets filmmaking: presenting “On Top of the World”, a fantastic short film by Serhan Meewisse and Jurian Gravett, who embarked on a sporting journey through Europe without a large budget. Twelve of them travelled through 5 European countries (by the way, most of the shots were taken in Turkey and Greece) and were always on the lookout for that special moment. Whether, how and where they found it is told in this film, which comes with a grandiose live orchestra soundtrack.

source: whadat


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