Ons Bed is de Savanne [nl], 2021


Our Bed is the Savanna sketches the world of a girl who lives on the lonely track between day and night. On a quest for her lover in the city, she gradually loses her grip on reality.

source: miloumigon.com


Trivia: In 2018 Milou’s first album ‘Our bed is the Savanna’ was first released on cassette. During the release she and a group of musicians and actors invited the audience on a parcours through the world of the audiobook. (See video below)


Audiobook: Ons Bed is de Savanne

Lead vocals, Lyrics and Compositions

Milou Mignon

Music mix, Sound design and Mastering by

Bart Jilesen

Photography & film Ramy Moharam Fouad
Design & Poster Fairuz and Maaike van Garage64
Installation & Host Brent Slaets, Juicy IJsselmuiden
Musicians Seppe Dyck, Ralph Hermans, Ewout Lehoucq, Vitja Pauwels, Simon Beeckaert, Tamino Moharam Fouad, Casper van de Velde, Sam van Hoogstraten, Eszl de Vois, Timon Persoon, Monday Agbonzee Jr., Alban Sarens, Willem Malfliet, Beno Wyns, Tchi-Ann Liu, Bart van Obbergen Perez, Eyal van der Reep
This album was made possible by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SMartBe en de Olland-Buisman stichting


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Ons bed is de Savanne (Audiobook) by Milou Mignon



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