Rude Awakening, 2022

Rude Awakening is a documentary about self discovery.  It combines personal interviews with fictional cinematic elements to create a beautiful immersive experience for its viewers.

This is a story about the hardships of embarking on the journey within.  A road filled with trials and tribulations, from awakening to the dark night of the human, to finally emerging into true freedom.



Directed by

Jonathan Kray

Internet Mix & Master

Studio Bart Jilesen;
re-recording mixers Bart Jilesen and Rebecca Baatjes
sound design: Lars van Leeuwen



Studio Bart Jilesen
Hugo de Grootstraat 44
3581 XW Utrecht


studio: +31 (0) 30 274 69 28
cell: +31 (0) 6 143 681 36