Silver Shoes, 2015
From IMDb:

Three explicit erotic stories. First, Annabelle finds out about her friend Liandra’s masculine side and Liandra seduces her. Then, Anabelle gets turned on by a piece of clothing. Finally, Liandra hooks up with her friend’s guy friend.


Silver Shoes screened at the Schwules Museum, Berlin, and was the first and only sexually explicit film ever to be nominated for the Dutch national Sexology Association’s “Sex and Media Prize” (Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Vereniging Voor Seksuologie, NVVS). This award is given to the cultural artifact which has most positively influenced sexual culture in the Netherlands with its fair, balanced, and nuanced approach to sexuality.


Written and directed by

Jennifer Lyon Bell


Produced by 

Jennifer Lyon Bell producer
Marloes Meuzelaar co-producer


Music by

Viktor von Daphodil

Sound Department 

Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer / sound designer


“Silver Shoes” is the winner of the Feminist Porn Awards grand prize for Movie Of The Year. (Toronto). Silver Shoes was also nominated for the Foreign Film of the Year prize at the XBIZ Awards.

The jurors at the Feminist Porn Awards made the following statement:

“With our final category we pay tribute to a film that has expanded the scope of what feminist porn can achieve as well as the audience that it can speak to.  This film combines beautiful, spare production; poignant sexual exploration; real, human connection; and authentic orgasmic pleasure.  The director used a sophisticated eye to perfectly frame each touch and caress, expertly highlighting the sizzling chemistry between performers and setting it all to a narrative that explores the bittersweet connectivity and dissonance of relationships.  In other words: it’s got the total package!  It is my honour to present the 2014 Feminist Porn Award for Movie of the Year to Silver Shoes.”

Silver Shoes is an official selection of these film festivals and more:
London Short Film Festival (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London)
Oslo Fusion International Film Festival
La Fete Du Slip festival (Switzerland)
Porn Film Festival Berlin


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