Stadskoraal [nl], 2020


After the project “Ons bed is de Savanne”, Milou and Bart embarked on a new musical challenge: the EP “Stadskoraal”. We had some great and memorable recording sessions in the studio, such as the one for Bootje van papier, where bass, guitar, violin and vocals were recorded simultaneously. Later, more and more tracks were delivered through editor Djamilo. (and even more after that)


Trivia: For the song “Oester”, more and more tracks were sent to Bart by the musicians. Milou wanted to have the feeling that you were swimming along different worlds under water. While mixing the now 76 parts that were playing simultaneously, Bart said: “These are the most intense two minutes of audio I’ve ever worked on!

City Coral

City Coral by Milou Mignon is a dark Disney fairy tale in which mankind has become schools of fish that not only swim past each other, but also in their own aquarium. The situation is not entirely hopeless. In case of emergency, the glass can always be broken. Rarely has a dystopian pop opera sounded so reassuring. Or so lush and sonorous. Milou not only masters her language, but her melodies are also enchantingly beautiful. And what a singer she is!

Like a siren, she lures you into her underwater world. The music bubbles like air bubbles, reflects like the sun on the waves and sways like a fishing boat in a calm bay. It almost makes you feel lyrical. Sometimes dark clouds threaten her contemporary Atlantis, but when she invites you to make a paper boat together, there is nothing else you can do but take off your shoes and socks and go into the sea with her’, by Flip van der Enden.


Milou Mignon EP: Stadskoraal

EP: Stadskoraal

Lead vocals, Lyrics and Compositions

Milou Mignon

Music mix, Sound design and Mastering by

Bart Jilesen

Illustration & graphic design tessa van vuren
Co Writers payam motahhar (interlude dashti), abel tuinstra & kike zwagerman (bootje van papier), thomas hanenberg (oester, kompas)
Editing djamilo both
Sound engineers douglas z. benzi (aquarium, kompas, maanlicht), bart jilesen (oester, bootje van papier)
Assistent sound engineers paul moncayo, chrisathi zografou
Golden advice & support robin van vliet, isadora jilesen, hal 25/productiehal, lonneke van heugten, bodhi sykora, wiboud burkens, flip van der enden
This album was made possible by sena music production fund, amsterdamse hogeschool voor de kunsten, hogeschool voor de kunsten utrecht


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Stadskoraal (Album) by Milou Mignon

Stadskoraal - Milou Mignon, poster theater



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