Dear Oprah: Non-voting America’s Wildest Dream, 2008

Investigative road movie in which filmmaker looks for the reasons behind the traditionally low turnout at American elections. With his film, he wants to urge Oprah Winfrey to stimulate her viewers to vote.

source: IMDb

Directed by

Kasper Verkaik

Produced by

Bruno Felix producer
Willeke Steenbeeke executive producer
Femke Wolting producer

Music by

Jonas Pannecoucke (music by)

Sound Department

Ruben De Winther re-recording mixer / sound editor
Erik Griekspoor sound editor
Jaap Hermans sound
Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Ramon Kerstens sound editor

Almost a hundred million Americans don’t vote. Even when they’re electing their president and, with that, the most powerful political leader in the world. A year before the presidential elections of 2008 a crew of young European filmmakers goes on a journey all across the country in a little old motor home to search for America’s missing voters. Who are they? Why don’t they vote? Can a young and fresh presidential candidate as Barack Obama make them vote? How would American politics change if more young people, single women, poor white people, African-Americans and Latino’s would start voting? Who better than Oprah could get America’s non-voters to vote in 2008. Kasper Verkaik



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