Intermezzo [nl], 2014



Life is like a theatre and you, my child, are the star. You straighten your back and spread your wings. You choose your enemy, your lover, your conflicts, your victories. You shine and glow, you cry and fight. Everything to make your performance a worthy event. It is your stage, child.

Intermezzo is a short film (14 minutes) about the parting between a granddaughter and her grandfather, who share a love of classical music and the performing arts. I made the film as a tribute to my grandfather. By always being proud of everyone, he taught me that anyone who climbs onto his stage, in any way, deserves an applause.


Directed by

Lotje van der Bie


Music Department

Sliderinc composer: theme music
Jasper Slijderink composer: theme music

Sound Department

Ravian de Vries sound designer / sound recordist
Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer




Studio Bart Jilesen
Hugo de Grootstraat 44
3581 XW Utrecht


studio: +31 (0) 30 274 69 28
cell: +31 (0) 6 143 681 36