Temmink: The Ultimate Fight [nl],1998
Somewhere in the near future, exists ‘the Arena’. Here men with an ‘aggression-gene’ with which they want to live no longer, are being admitted to fulfil their wish to die. Through fights to the death, televised by the commercial sports channel, lives are being ended before one’s time. Temmink, one of the gladiators, wins his first fight, finds a friend in a colleague… Read all

source: IMDb

Directed by

Produced by

Motel Films

Music by

Wiebe de Boer co-composer
Maurits Overdulve

Sound Department

Bart Jilesen re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Ludo Keeris sound recordist
Marieke van der Pol sound assistant
Danny Weijermans re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor



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