The Bricklayer’s Son, 2010
From IMDb:

A fable in which New York based Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer tries to portray his learning disabled son’s struggle in one of his works.


A child’s voice and a man’s voice – father and son? – tell in voice-over the story of the bricklayer and his handicapped son who jumps every fifth step. On screen, we see a modern version taking place on the streets of New York, in which artist Sebastiaan Bremer is inspired by his son who has learning difficulties. Because the film was shot on Super 8, it has the nostalgic charge of a fairy tale.


For this project, Bart worked with third-year sound design students from the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Together with Tjebbo and the class, he mixed the tracks they had constructed into a carefully designed mix.

Directed by

Tjebbo Penning


Produced by

Tjebbo Penning producer
Production company


Music by

Han Otten


Sound Department

Bart Jilesen Re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor
Jonas Leopold sound editor
Robin Overeem sound editor
Peter-Paul Timmermans sound editor
Mick van der Werff sound editor
Steven Vanwetswinkel sound editor



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